Clear Skin with Tea Tree Oil

The Body Shop is one of my all time favorite brands for a lot of reasons: They’re cruelty-free, fair-trade, and many of their products are vegan (if not, it’s mostly because they contain honey.) One of my favorite products they carry is their Tea Tree line, for fighting acne. I’m always breaking out due to stress but these products do a great job to keep my skin clear and fight breakouts.


The squeaky clean scrub is my daily am cleanser to wake up and clean my skin, while the mask I only use once in a while if I need an extra blast. It’s got a cooling tingle, which can feel great but if your skin is sensitive I would recommend skipping the mask. And finally, the Tea Tree Oil which is used as a spot treatment! I apply it every night and morning after cleansing and moisturizing anywhere I have a current pimple or one attempting to show up. It works really well to get rid of blemishes fast (like, within a few days, or overnight if it hasn’t popped through yet)- and remember, don’t pop your pimples!!

You can buy these products here!



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