Red Lentil Vegetarian Restaurant 

On Sunday I was lucky enough to have the day off and my mom came to visit so of course we had to get brunch. We ended up going to one of my favorite places, Red Lentil, but first we had a bad experience.  If you don’t want to listen to me complain about a crappy restaurant you can skip to the second paragraph…. I saw the menu for a place called “Wild Rice Vegan Cafe” and it looked amazing so that’s where we decided to venture to. Upon walking in, no one greeted us or seated us, and a woman was staring at us from across the room. We seated ourselves and still, nobody came over to give us menus or speak to us. We decided to look at the buffet, which was a new special from 9am-3pm on Sunsays, and we were disappointed to see only a few dishes of ethnic food not suitable for breakfast. We finally walked up to the woman who was still staring   and she said “Plates are here, cups are there, help yourself.” We told her that we wanted to order off the menu only to hear that during the lame “buffet” they didn’t do menu orders. I replied saying I wish that had been noted on the website and she argued with me saying that it very clearly stated on their website that they had a buffet today. I told her that the buffet was on the website but nothing saying they wouldn’t be doing menu orders to which she said when a restaurant offers a buffet that means they don’t cook things off the menu. It was probably the worst customer service I had ever experienced so do not go to this place. She was so rude from beginning to end so we walked right out the door and luckily, Red Lentil was just down the street. 

I had been for lunch but never breakfast time and holy cow it was so good. I got a huge plate of sweet potato pancakes, which were amazing in both taste and texture, but didn’t actually taste like sweet potato. Crispy on the outside but thick and soft, they were also topped with a blueberry maple glaze and fresh berries. 

Obviously I got two meals- sweet and savory- with the second one being a Florentine Benedict. A crispy English muffin was topped with tomato, spinach, scrambled tofu, tempeh bacon, and vegan hollandaise, and home fries on the side. It wasn’t as good as the pancakes but still a satisfying, spot-hitting meal, and since I brought home leftovers, it was surprisingly even better the next day. 

This is one of the best vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Greater Boston so make it a point to go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! 


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