Oath Craft Pizza

Crispy thin crust, sweet balsamic, creamy cheese, and roasted figs: That is the magic of Oath Craft Pizza. This artisan pizza shop knows how to do custom pizzas right and for meat-eaters and vegans alike. Choose your base, like garlic oil or tomato sauce, then your cheese, of which they have Daiya, and whichever toppings you desire. But seriously, get the fig and balsamic combo because oh my God it is so good. 

Oath has a few locations but I’m lucky to have the Chestnut Hill restaurant across the street from work. You order at the register when you get there, they make it fresh and hot, and it’s done in no time. They’re super quick and friendly which is just an added bonus to the amazing food. While some people with a smaller appetite may opt to do a half pizza, I easily eat the whole 11″ myself. It’s a perfect lunch if you’re out shopping in the area and great for multiple people who want different kinds of pizza since everyone gets their own.

The rustic yet modern interior
See that light shining down like a halo?

So please go here and face a pizza because I promise you won’t regret it. 


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