Taza Chocolate Bar: Chocolate Drinks

(Vegan) chocolate lovers rejoice! Taza Chocolate is a dairy-free, organic, stone-ground, and direct trade chocolate company located right here in Boston. What could be better than a good-for-you and good-for-farmers delicious bar of chocolate? Well, let’s talk about their chocolate drinks. Inside the Boston Public Market you’ll find the Taza Chocolate Bar, where they serve up stone ground chocolate drinks like “Hot and Spicy,” containing dark chocolate, chili, and cinnamon, “Orange-You-Glad,” with dark chocolate, orange, and vanilla, and “Cacao-Abunga,” with dark chocolate, almond butter, hazelnut butter, and cinnamon. You can choose a hot or iced drink, and make sure you ask for almond milk. These awesome desserts are just over $5 and it’s unlike anything you’ve had before. While they appear on the menu to be a kind of milkshake, it’s thin and smooth, like drinking liquid chocolate, and at the end, you’ll find little shavings of melt-in-your-mouth Taza pieces. The Boston Public Market does not disappoint for a great meal. Try Bon Me or Mother Juice for lunch and don’t miss Taza Chocolate Bar to satisfy your sweet tooth!

They also have tons of chocolate bars and gifts to buy
The Taza experience includes watching them make your chocolate drink 


We loved the orange, raspberry, and hazelnut flavors!

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