Life’s Too Short Not To Eat Whatever You Want… Or Is Life Too Short Because You Eat Whatever You Want?

“Life’s too short not to eat whatever you want.” Or is life too short because you eat whatever you want?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States accounting for 1 in every 4 deaths. Let’s first take a second to acknowledge how significant that statistic is. The sad part about this is that huge factors of heart disease are poor diet and stress, which can both be prevented. While average Americans are quite literally killing themselves with excessive salt, sugar, and fats, vegans are aiming to nourish the body with natural vitamins and proteins. What about the stress? Well, a lot of stress can be controlled by eating correctly, like getting enough antioxidants.

People often say they’d rather enjoy a cheeseburger than live an extra day, but that’s a bit of an understatement, as all of those cheeseburgers are leading up to a potential of years off their life. Never mind the fact that our life span is a factor of these decisions, I’ve found that the feelings of regret, a bloated stomach, body-shaming, and digestion problems aren’t worth the few minutes of flavor we experience.

The big picture indicates that we can live longer if we eat a healthier diet, but it should be about quality of life, too. Living a vegan lifestyle gave me a stronger immune system and increased my energy levels, I don’t experience self-consciousness or negative body image problems like I would when I used to eat an unhealthy meal, and I feel happy about the conscious choices I’m making to improve my own body and the environment around me.

So you can see, there’s so many reasons that people follow a vegan lifestyle. It’s surprising how giving something up can give you so much in return. If you have a story of how your life changed in more ways than one because of a vegan lifestyle, please share below!


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