An Open Letter to Vegan Haters

I’m so sick of the negative stigma around veganism. I am a vegan because I don’t want to support an industry of animal abuse. I am a vegan because it is the healthiest way to eat. I am a vegan because I don’t want to contribute further to climate change. So why are you shaming me for making conscious and ethical decisions? This day and age, people have become so quick to judge or turn a blind eye that they’re unwilling to open their minds or educate themselves. Did you know that animal farming is one of the biggest factors of pollution? Or that parts of our oceans have become dead zones, with no sign of life, because of the sludgy run off? Over half of greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by livestock production. Newsflash, you can’t be an environmentalist if you eat meat (stole that piece of advice from James Cameron.) Veganism isn’t just about “saving the animals”, although I completely support that ideal. Not knowing the impact of what you’re eating is ignorance. Eating meat, dairy, and eggs effects a whole lot more than you would think, for example, the amount of water we waste.

Possibly the worst thing about uninformed eaters is their lack of knowledge about what vegans eat. There is a lot more food in the world than just animal products. No, we are not rabbits, grass is not our main food group, and YES WE GET ENOUGH PROTEIN. Don’t ever ask a vegan how they get their protein. Just don’t do it. By the way, Americans on average are actually eating more protein than necessary, but if you’re wondering, we get our protein from nuts, soy, grains, beans seeds, and hello? Vegetables. People are so uneducated about food that they don’t even know there’s protein in vegetables.

“I could never give up meat.” “I could never give up cheese.” “I could never be vegan.” These phrases are other examples of things you should never say to a vegan. You should also never say these in general because it makes you sound like a closed-minded person with no self-control. Also, never say never. Anyways, it blows my mind every time I hear someone say something like this. Now, I’d like to say I’m not judging you, because I didn’t grow up a vegan, and I never thought twice about my food until about a year ago. But I am totally judging you because look at me now, educated and transformed, because I took the information sitting right in front of me into consideration. Here’s the thing, once you stop eating all of those things, you stop wanting them. Take sugar for example, we’ve all learned and/or experienced that once you get off your sugar addiction, you stop craving sugar. Food is a drug, and we need to get sober.

All I ask is that next time you try to make a joke at my expense, remember that my vegan lifestyle makes me feel good. I love my body and my chances of getting heart disease or cancer or having high cholesterol are almost nonexistent compared to yours. Sorry, I don’t think eating a plant-based diet is weirder than animal bones and chicken periods.



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